How to Staff Your Bar

Your bar staff should, most importantly, be a reflection of your customer base and their aspirations. When staffing a bar, the ethnic and gender make up of your staff should not be homogeneous. Hiring exclusively white males for a bar that services an African American and Hispanic clientele will quickly ostracize new comers, and a lack of female bartenders alienates both men who seek out a sexual dynamic within their bar experience and women who will feel more at ease if the bar staff includes similarly gendered employees. By diversifying your staff, you can broaden the social groups to which you appeal and avoid pigeon holing your customer base.

When looking for employees, it’s important to hire bartenders who foster a dynamic that reflects the ambiance of your establishment. Dive bars can get away with hiring sassy, loquacious bartenders who can drink amply on the job, whereas fine dining establishments might veer towards more taciturn bartenders who foster an air of professionalism. The ability to operate according to certain social decorum is key for a bartender: not shying away from guests, communicating clearly, using language that is appropriate for the setting. There is a certain degree of sexuality that is present in every bar, and knowing how to play into that dynamic without crossing boundaries or causing upsets is crucial. Indeed, a large amount of social acumen is necessary for the bartender: the ability to make guests feel listened to, the ability to make guests feel welcome, the ability to inspire a degree of trust between the bartender and the guest. These are all things that happen in an instant and an impression, and harnessing the social aspect while also able to juggle six cocktails, a food order and impatient guests is crucial. 

A bartender who can function on a social level is commonplace, but finding a bartender that can likewise churn out quality drinks, expound knowledgeably on a variety of products, manage the needs of guests in a timely and orderly fashion, all while generating ample revenue for the bar is also key. Bartending is a physical job that requires stamina, and balancing these qualities in a bartender can be difficult, but, when done properly, is rewarding. An ability to memorize, to do quick calculations, and to remember several disparate activities and execute them in a timely fashion will lend to the practical aspects of bartending. Remembering to ring up everything that has been ordered, modified correctly and coursed appropriately will help facilitate an even better experience for the customer. Making drinks according to certain stipulations, anticipating certain needs, the physical work required to change a keg, all with a smile - it is a difficult task, indeed. 

Balancing all these attributes while looking for an employee can be challenging, but an experienced bar person knows that intuition is one of the greatest skills a bartender can have, and, therefore, your intuition will likewise help guide you towards making the best decision. Your employees are a reflection of your establishment, and fostering a team that works together, that brings in the right customers, that amplifies your establishment is the role of a good manager. 

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Readers' Poll Winners: People and Places

Thank you for voting Oakland Alcohol best local Instagram! You guys are awesome!

Congratulations to the Ruby Room (best pick up spot, best place to get dumped, best place to avoid First Friay), 355 (best bar), Rafael (best bartender), Plum Bar (best bar food and best cocktails) DJ Miggy Stardust (best DJ), Legionnaire (cleanest bathrooms, best Monday Night party), Radio (best place to wind up at 1am). It’s wonderful to see good friends who have been in Oakland and supporting Oakland for years get some love back. 

Let’s drink!


Fraggle, you were one of my first regulars when I started bartending around the corner at The Night Light. You always came to my dull happy hour shifts to keep me company and help me shoo away the Nation’s weirdos. I’ll miss getting you drunk and the “Thank you, dear!” you’d always say when I passed you a drink. You were so supportive of me, such a fixture in the neighborhood. You’ll be missed, but at least you’ll be back with Sheeva! Good bye, dear friend.

Drexl Vs. 355 ~ BAR THROWDOWN

I wandered into Drexl with a few friends last night, having heard that this was a week of soft opening for them. Situated directly across the street from 355, this stretch of 19th, two blocks down from Broadway, feels very familiar. But going to a new bar is always exciting, probably even the main thrill in my life right now. With a well manicured, unsullied interior that could be plucked from the pages of a GQ magazine - upholstered booths, wooden, darkly stained bar stools, a back bar with sliding, caged doors, a skee ball machine upstairs - and drinks concocted on a whim by a charming and seasoned bartender, Drexl is clearly the kind of bar that will do very well in Downtown Oakland.

However, as I was sitting there with a bunch of other industry insiders, I noticed the bartender from 355 skulking across the street. Clearly spying, and it did occur to me: this stretch of 19th Street, a bit off the beaten path, was 355’s monopoly. Clearly, 355 is staple of the Oakland bar scene and helped pave the way for the Downtown Oakland bar renaissance. A first wave bar that I stumble in and out of at least once a week. So, of course, after polishing off a few rounds at Drexl, we went over to 355.

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New Golden Bull

The thing about new bars is: they always start out clean. The day that Merchant’s open, it was probably very clean and undusty and bright inside. However, much like whiskey in a barrel, as a bar ages, the true character starts to shine out from beneath the grit and the wear and tear. The true flavor of a bar starts to ripen and brighten, and it’s only with then that you can discern what a bar is truly like. Therefore, reviewing a new bar can be a hard thing to do. Often times, the crowd hasn’t fully congealed, the DJs tend to come and go, and the bartenders haven’t proven their loyalty. And the cleanliness? Well, only time will tell if the decor on the walls stays clean or gets dusty, much like the decor at Van Kleef’s.

The New Golden Bull is in a space that was occupied by a bar called the Golden Bull, which closed about seven years ago. The Old Golden Bull was divey and hosted musical acts, and now it has been revamped with Oakland paraphernalia and a nice, new bright sign. The New Golden Bull is around the corner from Radio and a short walk from Uptown, and the crowd straddles those two scenes with a typical dash of all the characters that can be seen floating around 14th and Broadway late at night. It’s spacious, with a pool table, and a decent selection of booze. 

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Best of the East Bay ::: East Bay Express Poll


Take the poll. Here’s who I’m voting for:

Best Artist This is kinda a toss up: GATS? Monica Canilao? Zach Houston? Everyone in 640? CNN Tribe? 

Best Band Fuck it. Religious Girls. I vote for them every fucking year.

Best DJ at a Night Club DJ Miggy Stardust duuuhh

Best Writer Pilar Reyes duuuhh

Best Night Club The Night Light, cuz I rep my alma mater

Best New Art Venue/Best Art Gallery Moco

Category We Didn’t Think of (Arts) Tarot Card Reader: Alese Osborn

Best Bookstore Book Zoo

Best Boutique Mercy Vintage

Best New Business Facebook

Best Record Store EconoJam

Best Vintage Clothing Pretty Penny (because Mercy Vintage is best boutique, and they’re both great shops, so let’s split the difference)

Best Neighborhood All - did you really just ask what the best gang is?

Best Pick Up Spot Ruby Room on Friday Nights

Best Bar Geo Kayes

Best Bartender Rafael from 355

Best Cocktails Plum Bar

Best New Bar Legionnaire

Best Music Festival Oakland Music Festival

Summer Drinking: Trend Report


Out here in Oakland, it’s beginning to feel a bit like summer, which means: summertime day drinking! As the sun starts to beat down on our brows, the craving for something long, cold and cooling hits the front of the palate. Today, I visited Bar Cesar (4039 Piedmont Avenue) to try the Garden Party. With cucumber infused vodka, celery syrup, lime juice (how indulgent!) and topped with soda water, the earthy and slightly herbacious flavors, a bit tart, not too sweet and splashed with soda hit the perfect spot that the summer sun had burned on my palate.

As we go into hotter weather, the palate favors cool, uncomplicated long drinks, with fruity effects. Simple ingredients, with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity, are what make or break a drink. Rather than piling flavors onto a palate that is muddied with too much distraction, use ingredients that shine brightly through a drink. It’s daiquiri weather in Oakland. It’s mojito weather. It’s martini weather. (Well, it’s always martini weather.) Rieslings and Pilsners are excellent options for sunny daytime drinking, along with simple aperitif drinks. Using dry vermouth and lillet as predominant ingredients in cocktails with five or fewer ingredients will help deliver a lower alcohol content for daytime drinking as well as light, wine-like flavor in your cocktails. 

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Sugars Found In Tequila Could Help You Lose Weight

An article recently published in Time Magazine has revealed that a natural sugar found in tequila can help lower blood sugar and aid in weight loss. So, in case you were wondering what to order at the bar, and you’re counting calories, try ordering tequila. It also tastes really good, and, if I may make a recommendation, a nice shot of Siete Leguas Reposado or perhaps a fresh lime juice margarita (I know, even these days) can be a refreshing way to tell yourself that you’re losing weight while drinking tequila.

The Avenue


In the Oakland vein of Ruby Room, Radio and Merchants, The Avenue offers up yet another option for dive bar aficionados in Downtown Oakland. Further away from Downtown than other typical dive bar options, The Avenue stands alone on a stretch of Telegraph dotted with cafes and restaurants. Perhaps a nice respite from the Temescal neighorhood that is quickly beginning to feel a bit too bougie, The Avenue is an unfrilly, skate themed bar where newfangled Oakland pretension is not at home.

With a digital juke box, a pool table and plenty of seating options, The Avenue lends itself more to the regulars who make The Avenue their all day and all night drinking home. There’s the slightly yet endearingly tattered decor, chandeliers adorned in skulls like forgotten Halloween decorations, and more than one nod to the awesomeness of Slayer. The Avenue has a reputation for being home to scummy skater dudes who read Thrasher and appreciate the collection of skateboards on the wall, as well as being home to the women who appreciate those kinds of dudes. 

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